Welcome to FYC!!  All the owners hope that you will have an enjoyable vacation.  To help ensure that you and all others at FYC have safe and pleasant visits, we are providing all guests with these guidelines. If you are bringing a boat into FYC, please read the guidelines from the Marina Association.  Also, the Condo Association has a set of guidelines if you are staying in the high-rise building. These two sets of guidelines will be provided to those occupying a condo or bringing a boat.  More detailed and specific rules are available at


Futura Yacht Club is Not a Resort: Futura Yacht Club is a residential community of individually owned condominium homes and townhouses with grounds that are maintained by a homeowner’s association (HOA).  The HOA staff works for the association and does not work for, or report to guests.  If you have problem during your stay, please contact the home’s owner or agent for assistance.

Registration: Prior to arrival, registration material including a signed acknowledgement of these guidelines must have been submitted to the Office.  Upon arrival at the Gatehouse, final registration occurs.  If the Gatehouse and Office were closed when you arrive, please contact the Office as soon as it opens. 305-853-0530        

            Quiet hours: 10:00pm to 8:00am

Garbage:  All trash must be deposited in the large containers in the enclosures at the north end of the Marina or in the trash chute in the Condo building.

Sewerage:  No materials are to be disposed of in toilets other than toilet paper or facial tissues.  Diapers, sanitary napkins and “disposal wipes” destroy sewerage pumps causing sewer backups and thousands of dollars of damage to Futura Yacht Club.

Barbecuing: All barbecuing must be done in facilities provided by FYC or in grills if provided at your townhouse unit.

Gate cards:  Cards can only be used for the unit for which the card was issued.

Pets:  If pets are allowed by owner of your unit, dogs must be on leash and cats held. Please pick up after your pet.

Laundry:  No laundry (towels, etc.) may be hung from balconies, boats, docks, and piers.

Golf Carts: The operation of golf carts on association property is restricted to licensed adults.  No minors can operate a golf cart unless they are accompanied by a licensed adult.

Fireworks:  The use of exploding fireworks is prohibited.  The use of sparklers is permitted only at the beach and at the individual’s own risk.

Lines & Cables:  Any lines, cables or hoses lying on any dock, walkway or roadway must be flat on the ground as to minimize tripping hazards. 

Boat Area Parking:  Boats and boat trailers are the only items to be stored in the designated boat storage areas located in the gravel and asphalt storage lots. 



            Pool Hours: 9:00 am to 10:00pm (PLEASE READ POOL RULES POSTED ON SIGNS)

Food and drinks:  Absolutely no food or any type of drink is permitted in pool or on pool deck immediately next to pool coping. Food and drinks are allowed within the footprint of the clubhouse and only drinks at poolside tables and lounge chairs.

Glass containers:  Absolutely no glass containers (wine, beer, glasses, etc.) are allowed within the fenced area of the pool, unless in the clubhouse.

Smoking: No smoking is allowed within the fenced area of the pool and clubhouse.

Pool and clubhouse furniture:  No furniture can be removed from its general area.

Pets:  Absolutely no pets are allowed within the fenced area of the pool and clubhouse except service dogs and emotional support pets.

Motorized toys/vehicles:  The use of motorized toys/vehicles (other than wheelchairs or other transport for handicapped persons) is prohibited on the pool deck.  All motorized vehicles/toys operated on HOA property must have lights on if used after dark.



Registration: All boats entering or docking in the Marina must be registered with the Office.  Paddle watercraft must be registered at the Office before docking in a slip. 

Insurance:  A copy of an insurance policy with a minimum of $300,000 liability coverage must be filed at the Office for any motorized boat entering the Marina.

Boat length:   Maximum boat length in slips is 36 feet.  No boat or extension thereof should be of such length as would impact the footprint of the boat ramp or protrude into the common area.

Boat ramp:  Use caution when using the boat ramp due to the ramp being slippery.  Futura Yacht Club is not responsible for any damage or injury. 

Bilge:  No sewage, oil or fuel shall be discharged from boats into the Marina Basin.

Disturbances:  At all time, boaters should be considerate of noise, running engines, etc.

Live Aboard:  No live aboard or overnight sleep abord.

No Wake: All vessels should maintain an idle speed in the Marina.

Signs: No signs shall be put on vessels.

Cooking:  No charcoal or open flame fires are allowed on docks or vessels.

Water/Hose Reels:  Water supply at slips should only be accessed with the consent of the slip owner. 

Slips:  Only one boat/paddle watercraft may occupy any one slip, with the exception of a dinghy or tender.  No vessel shall encroach any other slip.

Mooring Lines:  Vessels should be tied only to the two cleats and tow pilings for the slip in which docked.  Vessels must never be supported by or tied to finger piers regardless of tide or wind conditions.

Fueling:  Fueling of boats on HOA property or in the marina will only be allowed by FYC pre- approved licensed and insured professional fueling companies.  Fueling is only allowed Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  Boats should not be fueled by hand using portable containers. 

Boat slips and Finger Piers:  Slips and finger piers are privately owned and prior arrangements must be made with the slip owner and Office prior to docking a boat or a paddle water craft in the slip, or walking out on finger piers.

Manatees:  Florida State law forbids providing manatees with water or food as it is harmful to the manatees. The Florida State fine for violations is $5000.

Swimming: No swimming, diving, or snorkeling is allowed in the Marina.

Fishing:  No fishing is allowed in boat slips except with the consent of the slip owner. Fishing elsewhere in the Marina is subject to Florida State fishing regulations.  Fish may only be cleaned at the fish cleaning station on the beach.  Do not throw bait or fish cleanings in the Marina trash containers.

Launching of paddle watercraft:  Launching can only be done at the boat ramp and at the beach ramp.  Be careful as the ramps may be slippery.


Autos:  Autos can be parked in any parking space except under the Condo building that has reserved parking.  Guests staying in the Townhouses can park in the carport and any other parking space. 

Boats and boat trailers:  Must be parked in area directed by FYC staff.

RV’s:  No RVs are allowed.  

Fire lanes: Absolutely no parking at any time.


Pets:  Guest’s pets are not allowed in the condo building except for service or emotional support pets as defined and licensed by law.  If pets are found in a unit other than those owned by a unit owner, the pet’s owner will be asked to leave.

Carts:  Carts are supplied for your convenience.  These are located near the lobby on the ground level.  Please return them to their storage area when you are finished using them.  They are not to be left in the hallways, the elevator or in a unit overnight.

Staircases and Hallways:  Please do not allow children to play in the stairwells or run or yell in the hallways.

Lobby: No one is allowed to stay in the lobby overnight. 

Elevator:  The elevator is for your convenience.  Please treat it accordingly.  Call (305) 8530-0530 to report elevator problems.

Laundry:  For your convenience, a washer and dryer are located on each floor.  Please follow the rules and instructions posted in laundry rooms.  If you have any problems with the machines, please report it to the phone number that is posted in the laundry room.  Place a note on the machine that service has been called and the machine is not working.

TRASH:  All trash shall be securely tied in plastic bags before being deposited in trash chutes.  These chutes are located on each floor next to the elevator.  All cartons that are too large for the chutes must be taken down to the ground level and deposited in the dumpster.  Do not deposit fish remains or bait in the chute dumpster.  Take these items and deposit them in the dumpsters by the townhomes.






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